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Appel à communication : Historians of Netherlandish Art Conference

Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Chardin, Nature morte, vers 1728, huile sur toile, Karlsruhe, Staatliche Kunsthalle.

Type : Appel à communication

Date limite de l’appel : 15 mai 2017

Date de l’événement : 24 – 26 mai 2018

Lieu : Gand

Calls for papers: [1] Bruegel’s Politics, [2] Utensils in Art: The Object as an Artist’s Model and the Domestic Utensil as Decorative Arts

[1] Bruegel’s Politics

Among the most unforgettable lines from Karel van Mander’s biography of Pieter Bruegel the Elder are those that concern the artist’s final hours. Bruegel, on his deathbed, asked his wife to burn some of his works “either because he was sorry or because he was afraid that on their account, she would get into trouble or might have to answer for them.” The implication that Bruegel produced a body of images of a polemic if not overtly political nature has long haunted scholarship on the artist. Continuer la lecture