Appel à communication : New Horizons in French Porcelain

Terrine, 1754 – 1770, porcelaine de Niderviller, Birmingham Museum of Art.

Type : Appel à communication

Date limite de l’appel à communication : 15 juin 2017

Date de l’événement : 20 – 21 octobre 2017

Lieu : Londres, The Wallace Collection

The French Porcelain Society is pleased to announce this year’s two-day symposium, entitled : ‘Saint-Cloud to Bernardaud: New Horizons in French Porcelain, 1690–2000’.

It will be chaired by Dr Aileen Dawson, former Curator, The British Museum, London, and will take place on 20–21 October 2017 at The Wallace Collection, London.

The symposium will present new research on French porcelain factories outside royal or state control. At times unjustly neglected in favour of the royal manufactory at Sèvres, these earliest factories operated from the late seventeenth century; many continue in production today. They include, but are not limited, to Saint–Cloud, Villeroy, Mennecy, Niderviller, the Paris factories, such as Dihl, Schoelcher and Dagoty, and Limoges factories operating during the 19th century and up to the present day. Subjects for consideration include: locations, size, capitalisation, techniques of manufacture, employment of artists and designers, marketing, and clientele, each deserving of greater scholarly attention. Continuer la lecture de Appel à communication : New Horizons in French Porcelain

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