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CONF: The Garden at War: Deception, Craft and Reason (Buckingham, 8 Jul 17)

William Kent, The Temple of British Worthies, 1734 – 1735, Buckinghamshire, Stowe House.

Type : Conférence

Date : 8 juillet 2017

Lieu : State Music Room, Stowe House, Buckingham, MK18 5EH

Bringing together world-leading academics, art-historians, and contemporary artists, The Courtauld Institute of Art and Aganippe Arts present a day-long symposium held at Stowe House to open the exhibition The Garden at War. The collaborative event aims to provide a forum for exploring issues and ideas raised by the exhibition on the development and relevance of Stowe and its history of neoclassicism. The primary strand of inquiry which informs the symposium concerns the use of the gardens at Stowe as a collaborative art-form. Looking at Stowe in this manner it is possible to read its design through a number of different frameworks; from the influence of the classical world, to the work of conceptual artists like Ian Hamilton Finlay, to the French landscape paintings of Nicolas Poussin and Claude Lorrain. Continuer la lecture