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Appel à communication : The role of sculpture in Parisian decorative arts (Paris, mars 2016)

Pendule " à l'astronomie", XVIIIe siècle, biscuit, marbre et bronze, coll. part.

Pendule ” à l’astronomie”, XVIIIe siècle, biscuit, marbre et bronze, coll. part.

Type : Colloque.
Date limite pour envoyer une proposition : 4 novembre 2015.
Date et lieu de la manifestation : 14-15 mars 2016 – Paris

The role of sculpture in the design, production collecting and display of Parisian decorative arts in Europe (1715-1815)

International Conference Part II, following the first held on 29 August 2015 at Mons, European Capital of Culture

Between 1715 and 1830 Paris gradually became the capital of Europe, “a city of power and pleasure, a magnet for people of all nationalities that exerted an influence far beyond the reaches of France”, as Philip Mansel wrote, or as Prince Metternich phrased it, “When Paris sneezes, Europe catches cold”. Within this historical framework and in a time of profound societal change, the consumption and appreciation of luxury goods reached a peak in Paris.

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