Colloque : “Fashioning Dress: Sewing and Skill, 1500-1850”

François-Alexandre-Pierre de Garsault, Art du tailleur : contenant le tailleur d’habits d’hommes, les culottes de peau, le tailleur de corps de femmes & enfants, la couturière & la marchande de modes, imp. de Delatour (Paris), 1769 (np).

Type : colloque.
Date : 19 mai 2017, 9h-18h.
Lieu : University of Warwick, Coventry, UK.

Milliners, mantua-makers, tailors, stay-makers, dressmakers, and embroiderers – both professional and domestic – made up an a diverse, knowledgeable, and skilled workforce. Their handiwork lay behind the creation of magnificent court robes and elaborate embroidery, as well as shirts, shifts, aprons and petticoats. This conference aims to investigate the skills, techniques, and methods involved in manufacturing clothing – both for men and women. It also engages with the innovative methodology of garment reproduction, and will investigate questions around the usefulness of this approach, and how to present and disseminate such research findings.

The keynote and conference papers will be followed by an interactive workshop, during which participants will have the opportunity to examine reproduction garments at various stages in the making process, and to try their hand at contemporary sewing skills.

This conference is organised by Dr Serena Dyer (Associate Fellow, Institute of Advanced Studies, University of Warwick and Curator of the Museum of Domestic Design and Architecture). For enquiries, please email or Continuer la lecture de Colloque : “Fashioning Dress: Sewing and Skill, 1500-1850”

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