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Colloque : “Early Modern Viewers and Buildings in Motion”

Fischer von Erlach, "Tour de Nankin", in Plan of Civil and Historical Architecture, 1721

Fischer von Erlach, “Tour de Nankin”, in Plan of Civil and Historical Architecture, 1721.

Type : Colloque
Date : 25 février 2017.
Lieu : University of Cambridge, St. John’s College, Old Divinity School.

Movement, both literal and metaphorical, lies at the heart of early modern European architectural theory, design and experience. Architectural authors invoked the notion of progress as temporal motion, structured their books as tours of buildings, and followed the ancient Roman Vitruvius in explaining how to manipulate the motions of winds through building design.  Simultaneously, poets led their readers on tours of house and estate, and Aristotelian as well as mechanistic philosophers averred that motion was inherent to human perception from particle vibrations in one’s senses to neural vibrations in one’s brain.  Across a range of scales in actual lived experience, moreover, viewers and buildings were frequently in motion; people walked through built spaces, interiors contained portable furnishings, and travellers and prints circulated ideas of buildings internationally. Continuer la lecture