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Appel à communication : Visual Skepticism: How Images Doubt

Jean-Baptiste Siméon Chardin, La Raie, 1728, huile sur toie, 114 x 146 cm, Paris, musée du Louvre.

Type : Appel à communication

Date limite de l’appel : 30 septembre 2017

Date de l’événement : 11 – 12 décembre 2017

Lieu : Hambourg, Kunstgeschichtliches Seminar and Maimonides Centre for Advanced Studies, Universität Hamburg

Today, images as media of knowledge production play a more prominent role than ever before. But this flood of images, e.g. in the new media, makes them seem problematic in relation to this function. Increasingly important in the situation is the question of how images are to problematize their own status as media of knowledge production – to exhibit this status on the one hand, and to call it into question on the other. Continuer la lecture