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Appel à communication : “The Art of Law”

Giustizia, in RIPA, Cesare, Iconologia

Giustizia, in RIPA, Cesare, Iconologia

Type : Appel à communication
Date du colloque : 16 au 18 janvier 2017
Date limite d’envoi des propositions : 1er juin 2016
Lieu : Groeningemuseum, Bruges

In his Rechtsboek van Den Briel written in 1405 for the Dutch town of Den Briel, Jan Matthijsen, a court clerk, specified what a proper court or deliberation room should look like. « …[T]he courtroom will be made clean inside and filled with paintings and inscribed with good old wise words, from which one can acquire wisdom and cleverness, as one says: to behold is to be aware”. The phrase convincingly illustrates the link, in the late medieval and early modern Low Countries, between law and the visual arts in general, and the use of court room decorations in particular. From town hall decorations depicting the Last Judgement and so-called exempla iustitiae, via the allegory of justice in the figure of a woman and her depiction on frontispieces of books, to the nineteenth-century Palaces of Justice, time and again it becomes clear how the practitioners of law used art and the visual in order to function and reach their ideal: justice.

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