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Journée d’étude : “Shaped by Nature, Forged by Art. Image, Object, Knowledge, and Commerce in Early Modern Europe”


François Boucher, La Forêt, 1740, huile sur toile, 131 x 163 cm, Paris, Musée du Louvre.

Type : Journée d’étude
Date : 21 mai 2016
Lieu : Northwestern University, 1881 Sheridan Road, Evanston, IL
Sous la direction de : Claudia Swan

The often complex, always productive, and sometimes vexed relationship between nature and art is a central theme of early modern European culture and of artistic production in particular. Where, in a visual culture devoted to naturalism, does art begin and nature end? If mimicking nature is the most noble of artistic aims, what is the relationship between the generative powers of art and the fecundity of nature? Long the ape of nature, art vied with nature in the early modern era to the point of outstripping it—or at least trying.

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Journée d’étude : Catalysts of knowledge. Early modern cultures of collecting.

Cornelis de Baellieur, Intérieur d'une galerie de tableaux et d'objets d'art, 1637, huile sur bois, 93 x 123 cm, Paris, musée du Louvre.

Cornelis de Baellieur, Intérieur d’une galerie de tableaux et d’objets d’art, 1637, huile sur bois, 93 x 123 cm, Paris, musée du Louvre.

Type : journée d’étude.
Date : mardi 15 décembre 2015.
Lieu : université de Gand, Belgique.

This one-day workshop on early modern cultures of collecting aims to bring together approaches from the domains of art history, the history of science, and material culture studies. Of particular interest are the processes through which collected objects became sources of artisanal, artistic, or scientific knowledge and innovation. Users and beholders of collections were invited to observe, investigate, depict, and question individual objects and their interrelationships, and as such, collections could become ‘catalysts of knowledge’.

Workshop is free of charge, but places are limited, so please register online at :

Programme :

Session 1: Collecting in the Southern Netherlands
Session chair: Koenraad Jonckheere

Marlise Rijks
The epistemology of collecting. Artists’ and artisans’ collections in
seventeenth-century Antwerp.

Nadia Baadj
Early Modern Cabinets as Catalysts of Knowledge.

Jan Muylle
The Furniture of Count Anthony of Arenberg (Brussels, 1617).


Session 2: Noble and bourgeois collectors
Session chair: Christine Göttler

Nuno Senos
Science and Empire in the collection of the Duke of Bragança.

Renata Ago
Bourgeois collectors and their supporters (Rome, XVII century).

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Session 3: The global world
Session chair: Sven Dupré

Claudia Swan
Rariteyten and other specimens: VOC goods, liefhebbers, and Dutch
collections 1600-1650.

Christine Göttler
A Javanese Dagger in a constcamer painting by Frans Francken the
Younger: Collecting Idols and Weapons in the Seventeenth-Century

Concluding remarks.
Wijnand Mijnhardt