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Appel à communication : Session at SAH 2018 : Causes for Admiration: Objective Beauty in Architecture

Claude Perrault

Type : Appel à communication

Date limite de l’appel : 15 juin 2017

Date de l’événement : 18 – 22 avril 2018

Lieu : Minnesota, Saint Paul.

Maarten Delbeke, ETH Zürich,
Nele De Raedt, Ghent University,

Causes for Admiration: Objective Beauty in Architecture

In the Preface to the “Ordonnance for the Five Kinds of Columns after the Method of the Ancients,” Claude Perrault famously distinguished objective from arbitrary causes of architectural beauty. The scholarly discussion of the Preface has focused on Perrault’s view of proportion as an arbitrary cause, and his emphasis on taste and authority as principles guiding aesthetic judgment. Less attention has been given to how the Preface defines and affirms the beauty of architecture rooted in objective causes, “bound to please everyone.” Amongst these causes Perrault classes rich material, size and magnificence, clean execution of the work, and symmetry. Continuer la lecture