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Call for Papers: “Belief in Miracles and Iconoclasm. Sacred Spaces in 18th Century France” (deadline: 15 july 2018)

Carle Van Loo, L’Agonie de saint Augustin (esquisse), 1748 ca., huile sur toile, Tours, Musée des beaux-arts

Type : Call for papers.

Deadline : 15 July 2018.

Date de l’événement : 3–5 December 2018.

Place : Paris, Centre allemand d’histoire de l’art, Hôtel Lully.

Following the completion of Carle Vanloo’s cycle on the Life of Saint Augustine for the Paris Church of Notre Dame des Victoires, its prior praised his “temple du Seigneur” as a “salon continuellement ouvert aux étrangers, & aux curieux qui y abondent de toutes parts pour admirer leurs ouvrages,” as he wrote in 1757 in the Mercure de France. The fact that a clergyman understands his church as a museal space is a reflection of the fundamental transformation that the holy and the sacred underwent in the century of the French Enlightenment. Beyond any political, social or transcendental-philosophical re-evaluation, this cultural shift formulated questions of meanings that are visually effectuated in a public place. Continuer la lecture

Journées d’étude : “Norwich and the Medieval Parish Church c.900-2017: the Making of a Fine City”

Anglican Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity, Norwich, county of Norfolk, UK

Type : Journées d’étude
Date : 17, 18 et 19 juin 2017
Lieu : The Weston Room, Norwich Cathedral Hostry, Norwich, United Kingdom

A conference hosted by The Medieval Parish Churches of Norwich Research Project (undertaken at the University of East Anglia and funded by The Leverhulme Trust). All 58 churches, whether existing, ruined or lost, are included in the scope of the project, which seeks insight into how the medieval city developed topographically, architecturally and socially. The Project is intended to reveal the interdependent relationship between city, community and architecture showing how people and places shaped each other during the middle ages. The conference (supported by the Paul Mellon Centre for British Art and Purcell) will present the medieval parish churches of Norwich in their immediate local context and in the broader framework of urban churches in Britain and northern Europe. The subject range will include documentary history, the architectural fabric of the buildings themselves and their place in the topography of Norwich, the development of the churches’ architecture and furnishings, the representation of the churches and their post-Reformation history. Continuer la lecture