Conférence : Rococo in Scandinavia

Pavillon chinois du château de Drottningholm, Suède

Type : Conférence

Date : 30 – 31 mai 2017

Lieu : Copenhague, Palais Thott

In 2017, in Copenhagen, the conference “The Rococo in Scandinavia” will explore the many ways in which the history of style affected the arts and the culture of Scandinavia over the course of the long Eighteenth century by exploring the Rococo stream.

The past years in Copenhagen have shown an interest for rococo culture. After ROKOKO MANIA fashion exhibition at the Designmuseum Denmark in 2012, and in 2016 the first monograph of the most eminent 18th century painter in Scandinavia, Carl Gustaf Pilo, by the Danish art historian Charlotte Christensen, and the William Hogarth’s Treaty of Beauty at the Statens Museum for Kunst (2016). These past events demonstrate the obvious potential in developing this topic in Denmark. Continuer la lecture de Conférence : Rococo in Scandinavia

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