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Appel à communication : Early Netherlandish Art in the Long 19th Century

Pierre Paul Rubens, Prométhée supplicié, 1611 – 1618, huile sur toile, 242,6 x 209,5 cm, Philadelphie, Museum of Art.

Type : Appel à communication

Date limite de l’appel : 1er juin 2017

Date de la manifestation : 24 – 26 mai 2018

Lieu : Gand (Belgique)

Francis Haskell famously argued that the “rediscovery” of early Netherlandish painting in the nineteenth century was central to the notions of history and culture that undergirded the rise of the modern nation-states of Belgium and the Netherlands. This view has been enriched by recent scholarship on the medieval and Renaissance revivalist movements that took hold in both countries from about 1840 through the early years of the twentieth century. Yet the complex relationship between artistic and literary practices of the period and the emergence of a distinctly northern European history of art remains largely unexamined, and its implications unacknowledged. Continuer la lecture