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Appel à communication: Changing Approaches to Histories of British Art (1660–1735)

English School, Classical Ruins in a Landscape, Oil on mirror, 365 x 570 mm, early 18th century, Middlethorpe Hall, North Yorkshire.

Type : appel à communication.
Date limite de l’appel : Oct 21, 2019.
Date de l’événement :  April 1 – 03, 2020.
Lieu : Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK.

Association for Art History Annual Conference.
Newcastle University & Northumbria University

The last decade has seen a growing interest in new approaches to British visual culture in the decades around the turn of the 18th century (c.1660–1735), addressing the art-historical imbalance that saw this period overshadowed by attention to the ages of van Dyck (the 17th century) and Hogarth and Reynolds (the 18th century). Much of this work has understood art of these decades in the context of 18th-century developments in Britain, paying less attention to its relationship with visual culture of the 17th century and the wider European context. This session invites participants to consider the extent to which this has skewed our understanding of British visual culture of this period, and to chart new directions in research and exhibition-making, resituating the period of enquiry to include the long 17th century.
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