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Appel à communication : Batavia in Bavaria. Dutch and Flemish art and artists in southern Germany

Peter Candid, L’Apothéose d’Enée, huile sur toile, Berlin, Gemäldegalerie.

Type : Appel à communication

Date limite de l’appel : 30 avril 2017

Date de la manifestation : 14 octobre 2017

Lieu : Munich

When talking about transnational inspirations for arts and culture in southern Germany, Italy is often named as the first reference. For many centuries, however, there have been various connections with the Netherlands and Flanders, which equally effected the arts and sciences south of the line of the Main river.

In the Middle Ages, dynastic contacts especially furthered the exchange. Between 1353 and 1429 the duchy of Straubing-Holland created a direct political link between the house of Wittelsbach and the Netherlands, which benefitted the mobility of artists and artisans between the two remote territories. With the so-called double marriage of Cambrai (1385) the Bavarian duke Albrecht I. forged an alliance with the duchy of Burgundy, of which several show-pieces in the Munich Residence Treasury give material evidence; such as for instance the portrait medallion of Philip the Good of Burgundy, who in 1454 was a guest of the Bavarian dukes. Continuer la lecture