Journée d’études : « Late Venetian Fortification ».

Francesco Guardi, Le Départ du Bucentaure vers le Lido de Venise, le jour de l’Ascension, ca. 1766-1770, huile sur toile, 66 x 101 cm, Paris, musée du Louvre.

Type : journée d’études.
Date de l’événement : 04 octobre 2019.
Lieu : Split City Museum, Split.

Until now, research on Venetian fortifications has given considerable more attention to Cinquecento works than to the achievements of the following centuries. This is why the aim of the conference is to focus on the later period. New material and insights are expected on the period starting with the War of Candia. Relevant topics include but are not limited to important fortification sites and projects (Morea, Corfu, Corinto, Dalmatia etc.), activities of military engineers, procedures and institutions involved in the construction of fortifications, Schulenburg’s involvement in fortification construction.

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9:00  Morning Papers
• Andrej Žmegač — Late Venetian Fortification: An Introduction
• Josip Pavić — The State of War: Reflections Regarding War Management in the Stato da Mar
• Ivo Glavaš — Barone and St. John’s Fortresses above the town of Šibenik
• Elisabetta Molteni — Filippo Verneda (c.1617–1692): Un maestro della fortificazione nella Venezia del XVII secolo
• Snježana Perojević — Military Engineers and the Fortification of Split in the 17th Century
• Antonio Manno — ‘La porta dell’Adriatico’: Il ruolo di Corfù nel sistema difensivo della Repubblica di Venezia
• Christian Ottersbach — The Fortresses of Palamidi and Corfu in their European Context: Testimonies of a Revolution in Military Architecture

13.00  Lunch break

14.00  Afternoon Papers
• Nikolaos A. Lianos — Military Engineers in the Morea during the Second Venetian Domination
• Eric G. L. Pinzelli — Modon, the Eye of the Republic
• Darka Bilić — Le circostanze del soggiorno del maresciallo Schulenburg in Dalmazia e Albania veneta
• Federico Bulfone Gransinigh and Alberto Pérez Negrete — Dopo Candia e Corfù: Niccolò Erizzo e le influenze al fortificare nell’ammodernamento dei forti lagunari della Serenissima, 1716–18
• Andrej Žmegač — The Venetian Military Engineer Antonio Giancix: Chronology and Evaluation