Journée d’études : “Collecting Murillo in Britain and Ireland”.

Bartolomé Esteban Murillo, Le jeune mendiant, XVIIe siècle, huile sur toile, 134 x 100 cm, Paris, musée du Louvre.

Type : journée d’études.
Date et horaire : 14 mai 2018 à partir de 9h30.
Lieu : The Wallace Collection, Londres.

‘Oh wonderful Spain. Think of this romantic land covered in Moorish ruins and full of Murillos’

Benjamin Disraeli’s 1830 letter attests to the prominence of Murillo in the minds British travellers and collectors. In celebration of the 400th anniversary of Barlotomé Esteban Murillo’s birth, the Wallace Collection, in collaboration with the Centro de Estudios Europa Hispánica, will be exploring this further by hosting an international one-day symposium entitled ‘Collecting Murillo in Britain and Ireland’.

Speakers include Thierry Morel (Director and Curator at Large, Hermitage Museum Foundation), Veronique Gerard Powell (Senior lecturer, University of Paris, Sorbonne), Xanthe Brooke (Curator of Continental European Art, Walker Art Gallery), Hugh Brigstocke (independent scholar), Isabelle Kent (Enriqueta Harris Frankfort curatorial assistant, The Wallace Collection), Xavier Bray (Director, The Wallace Collection), Claudia Hopkins (Lecturer, University of Edinburgh), Thomas Bean (private researcher), Hilary Macarney (Lecturer, University of Glasgow) and Philip McEvansoneya (Lecturer, Trinity College Dublin). The seminars delivered will form the basis of a new volume on the subject which will be published by CEEH.

For more information and to purchase tickets please follow this link.


9:30am: Registration

9:50am: Welcome

Session 1) Early Displays of Works by Murillo in Britain

10:00 Sir Robert Walpole’s Spanish Pictures
Thierry Morel (Director and Curator at Large, Hermitage Museum Foundation)

10:30 From Lord Godolphin to John Blackwood and Lawrence Dundas: the first British purchasers of Murillo
Véronique Gerard Powell (Honorary Senior Lecturer, Sorbonne University)

11:00 Tea and coffee break

Session 2) British Collectors in Seville and Madrid

11:30 Collecting Murillo in Seville: the case of Julian Benjamin Williams (d.1866) and Frank Hall Standish (1799-1840)
Xanthe Brooke (Curator of Continental European Art, Walker Art Gallery)

12:00 William Eden: the discovery of Murillo with his friends in Spain. Travel and collecting
Hugh Brigstocke (independent scholar)

12:30 The curious case of General Meade (1775 – 1849): his collection in Madrid and its dissemination
Isabelle Kent (Enriqueta Harris Frankfort curatorial assistant, The Wallace Collection)

13:00 Break for lunch (not provided)

14:00 William Buchanan and James Irvine: In-situ talk in the Great Gallery
Xavier Bray (Director, The Wallace Collection) and Isabelle Kent

Session 3) Artists and Scholars travellers to Spain

14:30 ‘All softness’ – Murillo through British artists’ eyes
Claudia Hopkins (Lecturer, University of Edinburgh)

15:00 Hand-Book for Travellers in Spain and Richard Ford
Thomas Bean (private researcher)

15:30 Accessing Murillo: Stirling Maxwell’s contribution to scholarship, collecting and taste in Britain
Hilary Macartney (Lecturer, University of Glasgow)

Session 4) Other major collectors

16:00 Collecting and displaying Murillo in Ireland
Philip McEvansoneya (Lecturer, Trinity College Dublin)

16:30 Questions

17:00 Close

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Maxime Georges Métraux (2018, 28 février). Journée d’études : “Collecting Murillo in Britain and Ireland”. Groupe de Recherche en Histoire de l'Art Moderne. Consulté le 20 juin 2024, à l’adresse

Maxime Georges Métraux

Doctorant en Histoire de l'art moderne (Université Paris IV –Sorbonne, Centre André Chastel – UMR 8150). Expert pour la galerie Hubert Duchemin et chargé d’enseignement à l'Université Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée. Commissaire scientifique de l’exposition "Chic Emprise : Cultures, usages et sociabilités du tabac du XVIe au XVIIIe siècle" (22 juin - 23 septembre 2019) au musée du Nouveau Monde de La Rochelle.

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