Appel à communication : session at CAA (Los Angeles, 21-24 Feb 18)

evert Collier, Trompe l’oeil , 1699, huile sur toile, Londres, Victoria and Albert Museum.

Type : appel à communication

Date limite de l’appel : 14 août 2017

Date de l’événement : 21 – 24 février 2018

Lieu : Los Angeles

Eccentric Images in the Early Modern World

Trompe l’oeil paintings, anamorphic portraits, anthropomorphic landscapes, pictorial stones, reversible heads, and composite figures are doubly eccentric. Often dismissed as curiosities and aberrations, they have been marginalized and de-centered within art history.

Frequently, they demand that the viewer take unorthodox positions, looking at them from extreme angles from more than one physical location or shifting from one perceptual mode to another. Rather than trivializing such pictures as mere games, virtuosic trivia, and forms of entertainment, this session invites papers that explore how such eccentric images explore issues concerning perception, artifice, and both human and natural creativity. What different modes of artistic production and perception do they require? What questions do they pose about cognition, viewing experiences, and alternate subject positions?

What questions do they raise about the role of viewers in constituting the work of art? How do images that seem to change before one’s eyes engage with period notions of paradox, volatility, and mutable forms?

How do they establish conditions for a more self-aware beholder? We welcome submissions addressing any aspect of eccentric imagery, from any cultural perspective, in the long early modern period (ca. 1400–1800 CE).

Send paper abstract (single paragraph, 250 words maximum), paper title, and abbreviated CV including mailing address, email address, phone number, and institutional affiliation (2 pp. maximum) to the Session Chair, Mark A. Meadow, University of California Santa Barbara, (; and Co-Chair, Marta Faust, University of California Santa Barbara, ( by August 14, 2017. Panelists must be current members of CAA from Sept. 1, 2017 through Feb. 24, 2018.

Full submission guidelines:

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Florence Fesneau

Docteur en Histoire de l'art moderne (Université Paris I - Panthéon Sorbonne)

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