Appel à communication : Azuleros : Who does what

Azuleros, 1702, Brésil, Salvador de Bahia, Couvent Saint-François.

Type : Appel à communication

Date limite appel à candidature : 20 mars 2017

Date de la manifestation : 7 juin 2017

Lieu : Lisbonne, Université de Lisbonne, Faculté de Lettres.

AzLab#33 special: who does what: creative processes in azulejo

The AzLab is a monthly seminar at the Faculdade de Letras, Universidade de Lisboa. It aims to create new analytical perspectives on issues related to azulejos, including its research, inventory, collecting, safeguarding and its creation or dissemination. The special AzLab#33 is a one-day conference with call for papers.


The creation of a tile covering comprises several stages, from the conception to the application. Several agents stand out during this process – commissioners, tilers, potters, painters or architects – as well as the potteries and the factories, among other elements. These activities were not always fully understood, and there are still doubts concerning the exact role of each agent. The aim of AzLab#33 is to examine these various “authorships” and the interactions they inspired.

We will favour a comprehensive approach, mindful of each work’s historical context and the specific characteristics of each period or cycle comprised in the history of the azulejo.

Subjects may include, but are not limited to the following items (with an unlimited chronological interval, spanning from the most ancient to the most recent examples):

– Theoretical approaches to the role played by the different agents;

– Concrete approaches to the role played by the different agents, based on case studies;

– The interaction between agents during the creation of a tile covering;

– Proposals of new authorships and new biographies of tilers, painters, architects, etc.;

– The professional organization of the workshops, potteries, or factories;

– The status of painters, tilers and potters, as regards their professional and social recognition.

AzLab #33 includes a brief workshop dedicated to the discussion and definition of traditional designations (tilers vs. azulejo painters, for example), whose results will contribute to an azulejo-related thesaurus currently being developed by the Azulejo Research Network (Rede de Investigação em Azulejo).


This one-day-conference invites proposals of up to 1200 words (minimum of 900 words) for 15 minutes papers, followed by a period of debate.

Proposals should be sent to until the 20th of March 2017. Please also attach a brief biographical note (maximum 300 words) and 4 key-words. Selection of proposals will take place until 17th April 2017 and participants will be informed thereafter. (NOTE: Articles for publication must be submitted by July 15, 2017, in accordance with the specific guidelines sent to the authors)


Abstract submission deadline: March 20, 2017

Notification of acceptance: April 17, 2017

Registration: June 2, 2017

AzLab#33: June 7, 2017

Submission of full-paper: July 15, 2017

Notification of acceptance: October 1, 2017


– Az – Rede de Investigação em Azulejo, ARTIS – Instituto de História da Arte, Faculdade de Letras, Universidade de Lisboa (Az-RIA, ARTIS-IHA/FLUL)

– Museu Nacional do Azulejo (MNAz)

– Centro de História da Arte e Investigação Artística, Universidade de Évora (CHAIA-UÉ)

For further details please contact the executive committee (

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Florence Fesneau (2017, 17 février). Appel à communication : Azuleros : Who does what. Groupe de Recherche en Histoire de l'Art Moderne. Consulté le 21 mai 2024, à l’adresse

Florence Fesneau

Docteur en Histoire de l'art moderne (Université Paris I - Panthéon Sorbonne)

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