Rencontres : ICOM-CC Interim Meeting of the Graphic Documents Working Group – “Experience and Evidence”

Samuel Holland's 1765 Survey and Map of St. John's Island (Prince Edward Island)
Samuel Holland’s 1765 Survey and Map of St. John’s Island (Prince Edward Island)

Type : Rencontres / Conférences
Date du colloque : du 1er au 3 juin 2016.
Lieu : Paris, Bibliothèque nationale de France – Site François Mitterand

Lien de référence

Two days of lectures, 1 – 2 June, are dedicated to the topic of Experience and Evidence. Conservation departments, schools and research institutions in Paris offer tours on Friday 3 June.

The Interim Meeting provides a forum for exchange of experience gathered in assessments, treatments, reflection on former interventions and research. We want to discuss the evidence gained through evaluation of conservation actions or through conservation research. Experience is a cherished value in the conservation community. In which ways are conservation decisions in practical life influenced by scientific evidence and how do conservators transfer their experience into evidence? How do we use this evidence in discussions between conservators, curators and decisions makers?

Lectures will focus on:

– Experience with large formats

– Mounting for storage and display

– New Materials

– Colour on paper

– Degradation mechanisms

Wednesday 1 June :

09.00 Registration

10.00 Opening

Session 1:

Valentine Dubard, Charlotte Kasprzak (FR): Portfolios for Le Brun´s Cartoons
Lucy Angus, Jürgen Vervoorst (UK): Paper does not get much bigger than this! – The Conservation of Samuel Holland’s 1765 Map of Prince Edward Island
Laurence Caylux, Eve Menei (FR): Architectural plans at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts or the Preservation of Rolled Works

11.30 Session 2
Paul Garside et al. (UK): Reframing Magna Charta
Anne Maheux et al. (CA): Making the Case: Storage and Display of Foundational Documents at Library and Archives Canada
Nadège Dauga, Coralie Barbe et al. (FR): Study and Discovery of Musée d´Orsay´s Drawings Collection through a Wide Range of Sketchbooks and Albums

13.00 Lunch

14.00 Session 3 :
Fabienne Meyer et al. (DE): Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and paper – risk assessment and mitigation strategies
Marinita Stiglitz, Julia Bearman (UK): A Pair of Ming Hanging Scrolls: from Past Repairs to Present Conservation.
Axelle Deleau Cazabonne, Aurélia Stréri (FR): Islamic Miniature Paintings Conservation at the Louvre Museum

15.30 Coffee break

16.00 Session 4 :
Camilla H. M. Camargos et al. (BR): Nanocellulose for Conservation of Graphic Documents
Rémy Dreyfuss-Deseigne (FR): Research on the Transparency of Mending in Transmitted Light. Introduction of Nanocellulose in Paper Conservation
Céline Delattre (FR): Comparative and Critical Study of Paper Washing Techniques: Immersion, Gellan Gum and Paraprint OL60

18.00 Business Meeting of the Working Group

Thursday 2 June :

9.00 Session 5 :
Jasna Malešič et al. (SI): Evaluation of Treatments for Stabilisation of Verdigris and Malachite Containing Paper Documents
Lynn B. Brostoff et al. (USA): Analytical Study of Neutral Verdigris Pigment by Combined X-ray Diffraction and Raman Spectroscopy
Laura Völkel et al. (DE): Verdigris and Organic Colourants: Visual Comparison and Evaluation

10.30 Coffee break

11.00 Session 6 :
Birgit Vinther Hansen et al. (DK): Fifty Shades of Grey: Darkened Lead White in Graphic Art – Sources and Decay Mechanisms
Lucile Dessennes, Nadège Duqueyroix (FR): « Demain, dès l´aube, à l´heure où blanchit la campagne…. » Lead White Conversion Treatment with Mist : from an Ancestral Practice to an Actual Conservation Method
Ute Henniges et al. (AT): Bleaching Iron-Contaminated Paper with Hydrogen Peroxide

12.30 Lunch

13.30 Poster Session

14.30 Session 7 :
Mary Broadway, Celine Daher (USA): Chromatic Resonance: Interpreting Gauguin´s Graphic Legacy through Conservation, Science and Digital Technology
Olivier Masson (CH): The Pastels of Jean-Etienne Liotard: Conservation and Display
Andrea Pataki-Hundt (DE): Three Challenging Case studies of Consolidation: A Pastel Drawing, a Gum Bichromate Print and a Textile Draft Design.

15.00 Coffee break

16.30 Session 8 :
Cristina Duran Casablancas et al. (NL): Survival in Archives: Factors Contributing to Mechanical Degradation
Irmhild Schäfer (DE): Digitisation of Manuscripts with Ink Corrosion: Experiences based on the Munich Tissue
Alice Gimat et al. (FR): Paper degradation induced by Iron Gall Ink: Toward a Better Comprehension of Degradation Mechanisms

18.00 Conclusion


Poster Session :

Natalie Brown et al. (UK): Near-Infrared Spectroscopy as a Characterization Tool for 19th and 20th Century Chinese Paper

Tereza Cikrytová (CZ): The System for Evidence and Creation of Conservation Treatment Reports at the National Technical Museum in Prague

Valentine Dubard et al. (FR): MRT (Movement, Reserve, Transport): Solution to Keep Le Brun’s Cartoons Glued to Canvas Unframed

Katarzyna Garczewska-Semka (PL): One Album, Six Plates, Four cases – Conservation of Drawings on 19th-Century Decorative Mounts

Paul Garside (UK): Collaborative Development of Conservation Practice and Research at the British Library

Kate Hughes et al. (AU): Synchrotron Source X-ray Fluorescence Mapping of Colonial Australian Gilded Natural History Watercolours

Olivier Joly et al. (FR): Phytate Treatment: From Study to Practice

Natasa Krsmanovic, Nicole Monjeau (CA, UK): Preserving Stained Glass Cartoons at the Corning Museum of Glass: A Humidification Technique to Aid in the Batch Treatment of Archival Collections

Ludivine Leroy-Banti, Manon Lavaut-Gomez (FR): Die-Cutting Machines: their Use in Conservation Treatments

Yun Liu et al. (UK): Predictions of Iron Gall Ink Induced Degradation of Paper

Camille Piovesan et al. (FR): New Developments into a Multifunctional Conservation Treatment Based on Polysiloxanes for Acidic and Brittle Papers

Sylwia Popławska, Izabela Zając (PL): Aspects of a Conservation–Restoration Project of an Unusual Artistic Herbarium from the 19h Century

Busra Sahan, A. Cansel Tuskan (TR): Monitoring the Effects of Different Stabilization Methods on Ink Corroded Documents during the Natural Aging Process

Deepakshi Sharma, M. Velayudhan Nair (IN): Importance of Traditional Materials and Techniques in Conservation and Preservation of Palm Leaf Manuscripts in India

Olga Temerina (RU): Conservation of Large-Size Graphic Works of Art Created in Different Techniques

Petra Vavrova et al. (CZ): New Instruments Used in Conservation Practice in the National Library of Czech Republic in Prague

Marion Verborg (DE): Development of a Made-to-Measure Documentation Software at the Historical Archive of the City of Cologne – Improving the Ongoing Disaster Recovery Process

Mirah von Wicht (DE): Yesterday‘s Trash, Tomorrow‘s Treasure: A Basic Conservation Treatment Reveals Complexities

Julia Wikarski et al. (AT): The Prunksaal of the Austrian National Library: Storage, Monitoring and Conservation in a Historic Interior

Friday 3 June

10.00 Tours :

– Louvre Museum, Drawings and Prints Department, Graphic Conservation Studio
– Centre for Research and Restoration of the Museums of France – C2RMF
(Centre de Recherche et de Restauration des Musées de France)
– National Library, Conservation Department
– National Archives, Conservation Department and new storage
– Institut national du patrimoine – INP , Department of conservators-restorers
– Research Centre for the Conservation of Collections – CRCC
(Centre de Recherche sur la Conservation des Collections)
– Fine Arts School, Conservation studio

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